What is a PDO Thread Lift?

A PDO (polydioxanone) thread lift is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that is used to lift and tighten sagging skin on the face, neck, and body. It involves the use of fine, absorbable threads made of polydioxanone, a synthetic, biocompatible material that is commonly used in surgical suture threads. These threads are inserted into the skin using a fine needle, and once in place, they stimulate the production of collagen, a protein that helps to strengthen and support the skin.

The procedure is usually performed under local anesthesia and takes about 30-60 minutes to complete. It is generally considered to be a less invasive alternative to traditional facelift surgery, and it can be used to address a wide range of aesthetic concerns, including sagging skin, wrinkles, and loss of volume in the face and neck. The results of a PDO thread lift are typically not as dramatic as those of a surgical facelift, but they can last for several months to a year or more.

What Can I Expect During a PDO Thread Lift?

During a PDO thread lift, you can expect a consultation with the practitioner to discuss your treatment goals and assess your skin and facial structure. The practitioner will apply a local anesthetic to minimize discomfort during the procedure, which involves inserting PDO threads into the skin using a needle or cannula. The procedure typically takes 30-60 minutes depending on the number of threads used. After the procedure, the practitioner will provide you with aftercare instructions, which may include avoiding strenuous activities and certain skincare products. You may experience some swelling and bruising in the treatment area, but these should subside within a few days.

Who is a Good Candidate for a PDO Thread Lift?

A good candidate for a PDO thread lift is typically someone in their late 30s to early 50s who is experiencing early signs of facial aging, such as sagging skin or loss of volume in the midface. They should have good skin elasticity and be in overall good health. Those with severe sagging or excess skin may not be suitable candidates for this procedure. It is important to consult with a doctor to determine if a PDO thread lift is the appropriate treatment for your specific needs and goals.

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